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Recipe: Coconut Lime Chicken with Shredded Brussels

I've started something new this month. Something I've never tried in my foodie life - Whole30. Whole30 has taken the wellness industry by storm. People look towards Whole30 as a detox from the holidays - a way to start fresh and kick their new years resolutions in the butt.

I am starting Whole30 for a different reason. Whole30 to me is a lifestyle shift. It is knowing what I'm putting in my body at all times, being cautious, but not too meticulous. Still having fun and most importantly eating what my body needs - real whole foods. As I spoke about this on Instagram stories, this is not a diet for me. This for me is not subconsciously opening up the pantry grabbing a snack because I'm bored, or unloading a ton of natural sugar/sugar on my body at night for dessert. Whole30 is basically how I eat daily without watching my sugar intake.

As I write this, Jake and I were doing this together, but he made it 6 days and I was proud of that. His body is not used to going cold turkey and limiting all his snacks (he's a big snacker) and eating wholesome real food.

But me, I'm doing this! So stick around for my journey and continuous updates.

One of the first nights I made this incredible Coconut Lime Chicken with shredded Brussels. This is a must. Here is how to make it in your kitchen:

Grocery List:

- Olive Oil

- 1 Chicken breast (depending on how many you are serving)

- 2 Limes

- Turmeric seasoning

- Cumin seasoning

- 1 Shallot

- 1 Garlic clove

- 1 can of full fat coconut milk

- Fresh Ginger

- Green Veggie - Brussel Sprouts

Here's how it went down:

  1. Warm a pan or skillet with 2 tablespoons of olive oil

  2. Place chicken on the stove for about 4 minutes on each side. I seasoned mine with a blend called Counter Top Foods Blends with Benefits. You can also season with a little turmeric and cumin.

  3. Once those ~8 minutes passed place the chicken on a plate and move to the side

  4. Without cleaning the pan, cup 4 garlic cloves and 1 shallot and add those to the warm skillet for about 2 minutes or until brown

  5. Add 1 full can of full fat coconut milk (I love that these have only a few ingredients - you can get these at Trader Joes or Whole Foods)

  6. Cut up 1/2 teaspoon of fresh ginger (from the root)

  7. Juice 1 lime into the skillet

  8. Stir everything together for about 2 minutes and let settle

  9. Add chicken on the side back to the skillet

  10. Add in your green veggie - I did brussel sprouts (my mom also tried this recipe with spinach and asparagus too)

  11. Let dish sit on stove for about 5-7 more minutes

  12. I let mine simmer on low for about 20 additional minutes (this just makes it juicy and flavorful - not a necessary step)

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