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Green Juices, Markets, & Matcha: Your Guide to LA LA Land

In February I visited one of my best friends in Los Angeles. I haven't been back to California since 2012- that's crazy. There were so many places on my list, but I made it to a few that I love.

My first stop was Blue Bottle Coffee in West Hollywood. My best friend, Jessie, needed me to try the oat milk latte and it did not disappoint. Next we stopped at Moon Juice. I got a Blue smoothie, and these amazing veggie crisps- they seriously tasted like cheesitz. After walking down Sunset Blvd., we hopped in the car and stopped at Erewhon Market, which was truly LIFE CHANGING. This grocery store/ market is a health foodies dream. Every product, supplement, juice, tonic, and prepared foods you could ever imagine. Next stop was Color Camp for a non-toxic half moon design manicure. I kid you not, this manicure stayed on my nails for 4 whole weeks. It didn't peel my nail off when it started to come off. Best manicure I've ever received. As if we hadn't eaten or drank enough before noon. We ended up at Cafe Gratitude because I had to try it. I ordered the "I am Whole" aka macrobiotic bowl with braised garnet yams, adzuki beans, sea vegetables, sautéed greens, kim chee, garlic tahini, no almonds, brown rice and quinoa + avocado. That night we stopped at Sugarfish in Beverly Hills because I needed to try the omakase "trust me" dinner. I have to say, that sushi was some of the best I've ever had. It will literally melt in your mouth.

The next day we stopped at Alfred's Coffee and Tea for matcha and coffee (I was heavily caffeinated). We got in the car and drove to venice and ate at Gjusta. It's basically this incredible bakery with all these amazing breads and premade real food. The seeded bread we got on our plate- I ate all of mine and Jessie's. After brunch, we strolled down Abbot Kinney, which is the cutest street filled with amazing stores, eats, and art. We stopped and got some Pressed Juicery Froyo and although my doctor has told me to stay away from almonds, I have been slowly reintroducing them into my diet and absolutely had to try this frozen yogurt made of only fruit and almond milk. We drove off to Santa Monica, went "birding," which is basically an electric motor scooter that you can ride around the beach. Later that night, we went to Il Pastaio. I ordered the Gluten Free Seafood salad and Jessie ordered their famous chopped salad. My dish was incredible- we were licking the bowl.

On Sunday, we hit the Melrose Farmers Market. I bought these ayurvedic veggie burgers from a booth called Sizzling Ginger. They were pretty good- the flavor got a little strong after eating the second burger. We had our avocado toast and I headed off to the airport :(.

California was an incredible weekend filled with great food and even better company. I hope to get out there again sometime in the future!

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