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Things I Always Have Stashed In My Pantry

It's always important to have a fully stocked pantry. I love snacking and having the option to grab something quick and easy. Some of my favs are:

  • Hemp Seeds- Love sprinkling them on toast in or on top of smoothies

  • Chia seeds- Perfect for chia jam, chia pudding, or a fiber boost in smoothies

  • Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds- Throw them in pestos, or on toast in the morning.

  • Purely Elizabeth Granola- It's highly addicting (Blueberry or Pumpkin Fig flavor)

  • Flackers- Flax seed crackers, perfect with hummus!

  • Sunbather aka Sunflower butter- My allergist has told me I'm allergic to tree nuts, and while I'm not saying I disagree because I know I'm allergic to pecans, walnuts, and pistachios, but I don't know if I'm actually allergic to almonds because I used to drink almond milk. I have slowly been integrating it back in my diet to see what happens-- All is good thus far.

  • Turkish Figs- very high in fiber and I love the crunchiness. Perfect afternoon snack.

  • Siete Chips- come in a bunch of different flavors and they are grain free

  • Gluten Free Seed Crackers- from trader joes and they have 8 ingredients and they are high in protein-- I like putting sunbutter on them.

  • Red Lentil Pasta- Easy thing to make and mix with vegetables for lunch. I like the noodles from trader joes.

  • Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Rolled Oats- Really creamy thick oats I use in my protein pancakes, oatmeal bowls, and baking treats.

  • Adaptogens- I love adding adaptogens to my blended coffee, matcha, or smoothies in the morning. They all have different healing properties and amazing additions to your pantry. I currently own He Shou Wu, Rhodiola, and Mucuna Prurient Powder.

  • Vital Proteins Collagen- Love baking with this, adding it to my coffee, smoothies, or matchas. It's great for skin, hair nails, and digestion.

  • No Salt Seasoning- My Dad bought me this from Costco... I love it because it's so flavorful.

  • Coconut Secret Aminos- The easiest and best substitute for soy sauce (that has wheat in it). I throw these in my purse when I go eat sushi.

  • Dairy Free Chocolate- I love Enjoy life Chocolate. I will eat it straight from the bag it's that good.

  • Square Bars/GoMacro- Convenience bars that are easy for me to grab as a snack or when traveling. These flavors are also all tree nut free, perfect for me!

  • Quinoa- To add to salads to buddha bowls.

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